Nothing But Positive Experiences

Our company switched to Chemque’s Fortane adhesives in back in 2008 and have had nothing but positive experiences ever since. Fortane’s “No Hollow Spot” technology has help us to reduce our call backs by over 85% with no other changes than moving to the Fortane adhesive products. This has improved our bottom line by not having to send crews back to jobsites and allowing them to work on new profitable projects as well as continuing to promote Arizona Hardwood’s excellent reputation as a company that gets the job done right the first time.

Our installers love the ease of use, clean up and consistency of the Fortane products. Additionally with Fortane we have top notch technical support when we need it and outstanding customer service support always. I sometimes wonder how they do so well with deliveries, often delivering our shipments within a day or two of placing an order.

Fortane is an excellent and easy company to do business with. They do what they say they will do and consistently provide high quality Sales, Customer Service and New
Product Development. Being a businessman that’s important to me and my company.

I would highly recommend when considering adhesives for your wood flooring projects that you give the Fortane team a call.

Bill Hosea

Owner, Arizona Hardwood Flooring Supply Inc.

Easy to Trowel

Fortane LD is easy to trowel, has good green grab especially for a urethane and holds the trowel ridge quite well. Fortane LD does not slump the way the leading brand does. I installed sections of 3/4″ solid Brazilian Cherry, 3/4″ solid oak, 5/8″ solid bamboo, 9/16″ engineered three ply, and 1/2″ multi ply engineered; the adhesive held each format very well with no signs of cupping or telegraphing of the core.

Bob Goldstein

Technical Services Director, Wood Flooring International