Fortane Zero™

Fortane Zero™ is a unique one-component Wood Floor Adhesive Polymer based on Modified Silyl Technology. Fortane Zero™ is specifically formulated to be used as an adhesive or as a moisture vapor retarder to reduce the transmission of water vapor from the subfloor for the applications where moisture could impact the performance of the wood flooring. NO PRE-INSTALLATION MOISTURE TESTING REQUIRED. Fortane Zero™ can bridge cracks up to 1/8″ and will provide a powerful adhesive bond. Its environmentally friendly formulation is easy to trowel and suitable for all green building projects.

  • Contains zero VOCs
  • Zero Isocyanates
  • Contains no water
  • Greater bond strength and superior initial green strength
  • Retains exceptional elasticity
  • Extremely easy to trowel
  • Improved cleanability